Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here Comes the Princess Bride

As THE wedding of the century (& of our generation) approaches, I can't help but fall into the touristy/marketing trap that is Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.  I'm sure you've seen plenty of pictures of the ridiculousness that is The Royal Wedding memorabilia but I thought I'd share them with you... Why? Because they're fun and HYSTERICAL!  And maybe it just helps me feel better about the lack thereof of my wedding by looking at how ridiculous the build up to theirs has become.  Poor Will & Kate!  

The Royal Wedding Memorabilia Gone Wacko

What girl doesn't like playing dress up? Especially with the future King of England... I kinda thought this was super cool imagine walking into a house & having random paper cut-outs of the couple thrown about...

 Apparently Baker Michelle Wibowo spent 80 hours making this for a competition...  hhhmmm...
 I really can't comment on this...

Apparently souvenier shops are selling these wonderful crafty nail art... Why?!  At this very moment I'm not questioning a single thing...

This cracked me up & I do hope I get to see a lot more of these random pictures from guests who stayed at Premier Inn

Ok, I must admit these little choco stencils created for International Food and Drink Exhibition 2011 in the UK is kinda cool because you can actually look at it go 'awww' then stir it into your coffee for some flavor (a plus in ma books!)

PEZ reminds me of my brother so it'll forever be super special to me & despite these being kinda freaky (apparently the head bends backwards completely) the thought of some yummy fruit candy being my reward helps me accept it just a bit more

 For the people who after looking through all these images feel like puking their guts out, its never too late to do so in style!  & don't forget to thank Lydia Leith for making the £3 Sick Bag once you're done!
 Thanks to a Hamburg (ironic?!) based company for creating these 'KaTEA' bags.  Just another way to get a taste (get it?!) of the Royal celebrations! 

 I personally would get offended if my face was on any random strangers toilet seat... GROSS & disturbing!

 Thanks to Egmont Books now you can get your little girl to really start obsessing over having the most lavish wedding ever!  Why not start early... It's not enough that Disney's got us brainwashed...

 Yes, it is a 17 in 'fashion doll' of the future Princess.  But, that's not why I HAD to put it up, look at the 'FREE' gift you win on the side.  Your VERY OWN copy of Princess Diana's engagement ring.  Two pressie's for the price of one!  Only at's Paradise Galleries.

Yep, a crazed British plumber paid £1,000 to get this temporary tattoo on his teeth... For more on this story click here (I really CAN NOT add any more to this chaos/madness)

Some of my FAVORITE things to come out of this entire fiasco:

The cutest map I've ever seen! hahaha... I kinda wish I had a map like this (of a place that's important to me of course... NOT the royal wedding)

  I obsess over nail polish especially over summer & I just thought it was super witty (& apparently glitter crazy)

Ok, this is as far as I would go for any memorabilia involving The Royal Wedding but I couldn't resist (& I'm hoping BahrainiRants approves too, they're New Balances after all...)


P.S. For more random & wacky Royal Wedding Memorabilia click here

P.P.S. Bahrain is...: Eating harees during Ramadhan- I've never had it with the butter & date part might be worth a try... (something I'm REALLY going to miss this year)

P.P.P.S. Song of the Day: Only Girl by Rihanna (I have NO CLUE why Rihanna was stuck in my head all day today... I'm all about staying positive or trying to & cheesy music definitely helps so thank you Riri for helping this girl out!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Party at the KAGE Fair

When I think of summer, I think of shorts, long light flow-y dresses, sun tans, & hanging out with family/friends.  A lot has happened since January to the entire globe, some good, some bad but now as summer approaches, & as my 'religious ceremony' aka Katbektab/Milcha gets closer (by the day!) I realize, all I'm really looking forward to is summer.  It's time, the entire world (& specially the Arab world), takes a little vacation, an escape from all the realities we've experienced.  What better way to start doing that than by starting to work on a wardrobe lift? With a lot of inspiration from S/S 2011 of course!
As you all know, I've been obsessing over a Middle Eastern brand called KAGE.  I'm super excited I'm moving to Dubai because I'll get more access to the brand & maybe start a KAGEilicious Treat thang every month... Let's see how it goes...
So, the lovely KAGE ladies were at it again with their Fun of the Fair collection.  It reinstates the 70's vibe we've seen all over the runways!  It's all about peace, love & of course great clothes! Maybe I can get my hands on some of them before I jet off to my honeymoon... (hhhmmm fingers crossed)... Enjoy a couple of my favorite pieces from their look-book!

P.S. I love how each one of my KAGE posts were on/about something different & I just happened to be somewhere different.  Life's all about growth & evolution & so is this fabulous brand!  As I continue to grow, evolve in my own life, I get to see this happening with each KAGE collection!  For my previous posts, click here & here, oh & here...
P.P.S. Bahrain is...: Your parents listening to Om Kolthoum & you never really getting it & having them explain that they felt the same way when they're parents used to listen to her! Oh & how just like they grew to like her, you would too... (or maybe that's just a thing with my parents?!)

P.P.P.S. Song of the Day: The Only Exception by Paramore/Farah (I'm gonna attach a cover by my friend's cousin Farah.  It's just amazing how much talent this teen has!  Beautiful voice, plays the guitar, & is super adorable!  Show your support please because Arabs DO have talent!  A whole lot of it!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

April Showers of Goodies

It's the 7th of April already and boy is 2011 flying by (a part of me is ecstatic about it! It's been a long dramatic year)!  I decided to change it up this month & list a bunch of stuff I'm kinda obsessing/dying to get my hands on!  Why? Because it's a new month, and I'm hoping a brighter future so why not share the cool and the exciting?!

My Lovely Obsessions for April

1. Ok, my dear PFFers, I just found THE COOLEST GADGET for us ladies!  Yep, I did say Gadget (Shock! Horror!)!  But, this isn't your regular guy gadget (although some guys might like to borrow it off their wifes/sisters/girlfriends), this is THE thang that many us poor, Khaleeji (at least Bahraini) ladies have been waiting for... a portable, laser, hand-held device!  Now, with the Philips Lumea Hair Removal System, we can laser whenever, wherever we like!  I'm not sure how efficient it is but right now I lourve the idea of something I can carry around with me!  The device, retailing for around BD 250 (an entire session of laser at most clinics here) is being launched at the end of this month in Dubai and will soon after reach our anxiously awaiting hands in Bahrain. YAY for technology I say! For more information contact the Philips showroom on Gudaibya Road on 17253529.

The Philips Lumea soon at Mohammed Fakhroo & Bros for around BD 250

2. My beloved cousin told me about this super amazing suppliment that you take right before heading out to your summer, bikini clad vacation.  I didn't believe her at first but after having her swear by it, I've decided to try to get my hands on it and try it out for myself before leaving for my summer/honeymoon wherever it may be (I'm sure it's going to include a beach).  The Skinny Beach supplements by Rodial promise "a slim, toned, ready-to tan body!"... All you gotta do is start two weeks before you take off & take it once or twice a week & get ready to strut your stuff down the beach.  Oh, & the supplements are supposed to help you get a better tan without causing your skin too much sun damage!  Miracle worker?!  Me thinks so!

Rodial's Skinny Beach Suppliments for £48.000

3. I was browsing through Grazia Bahrain's March Issue (yep, the one with me & Spotty the Giraffe) & came across THE CUTEST 70's inspired jumpsuit.  I'm sure y'all know how BIG the flower power trend is for Spring 2011 & I'm sure you know how much I love all things retro-esque so why wouldn't I absolutely fall head over heels in love with this outfit.  My only problem is I can't seem to find it anywhere.  I even sent my poor friend, who's in London for her holidays, to look for it (& its not out till next week in the UK which means it won't be out here for quite some time).  But, I'm gonna keep the dream alive & keep looking for it on their site & at their store here in City Center until I find it! Oh, I almost forgot its from New Look!

 Amazing 70's inspired jumpsuit from New Look

4. Since it is/was the 7th of this month, & I usually reserve it for my Foxy Treats feature, I thought I'd end my list with the MOST fabulouso image & outfit from their latest Spring 2011 collection.  It was all frenchified & classy I LOURVE, LOURVE, LOURVED IT! All Marie Antoinette-y for you history lovers but with a WildFoxian twist!  I hope you guys like it too!!! 

Only a Wildfox chica could look this cool vaccuming...

Thought I'd throw in another image just so you'd see what it says on the tank! LOURVE IT!

xoxo to ma Bahrainis & PFFers,

P.S. I've got a bit more sharing to do with you lovely people!  So please stay tuned for more PFF!

P.P.S. Bahrain is...: Khoubouz 3ala jubin (cheese bread) with chai haleeb (tea with milk) specific to Bahrain because the cheese bread is a speciality of our 'bakeries'. Yep, it was my breakfast this morning... YUM!

P.P.P.S. Song of the Day: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson (cause I'm watching American Idol & Jacob just performed it).  I thought it was fitting for what my lovely Bahrain & Bahrainis are currently going through.  Whatever has happened shouldn't effect who you are... Sometimes all you've gotta do is 'take a look at yourself & make that change...'

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wild for Grazia

My dear PFFers, how do I apologize for being such a bad blogger? Well, let me count the ways... or not too many to count.  The political situation in my beloved Bahrain has been bad for almost 2 months now which has caused my desire to blog about fashion a distant second (as you can tell by my pro-Bahrain positivity posts) to what's been happening here.  Anywho, as life slowly starts going back to something resembling normalcy, I find myself needing to write about all things fashiony.  I've also been traveling back and forth to Dubai furnishing BahrainiRants and my new humble abode so I might throw in a couple of posts on some of my fashionable furniture finds.  
Before all the chaos in Bahrain, I had the honor of doing a full day out in Al-Areen for a feature in Grazia Magazine Bahrain on local fashion/lifestyle bloggers.  It was a HILARIOUS day!  We experienced some intense up close and personal moments with a couple of beautiful animals but the highlight of my day was feeding a giraffe.  It was the first time I'd ever been that close to one and it was amazing.  He/she almost yanked my arm off its socket trying to keep it in the shot.  I absolutely lourved it!  I also hung out with two fellow bloggers that were beyond fabulouso which kinda made the entire experience worth while.  I haven't been to Al-Areen since middle school but now that it's been brought back to life (to me at least), I really can't wait to go back! If you haven't been to Al-Areen Wild Life Reserve please go and check it out I guarantee you'll love it! 

Enjoy the incredibly hilarious picture of myself feeding the giraffe while trying to hold my fashionably forward pose!

 The lovely author of Fashion & Lifestyle blog WWW.MARAMOSTAFA.WORDPRESS.COM.  I remember Mara trying really hard to keep her cool for this shot & I must admit it paid off!
The ever so talented & multi-faceted Wafa Obaidat of WWW.FASHIONAMBITIONS.BLOGSPOT.COM, Sketchbook Magazine, & design agency Obai & Hill.

Yours truly & my new buddy Spotty the Giraffe.  I'm in my leopard trench from Hobbs, my mom's vintage Cacharel dress (yep, oh so 70's), & my beloved used & abused Russel & Bromley loafers

xoxo for now

P.S. Thank you Grazia for a wild (get it?!) & fabulous day out!  A very special thank you goes out to Grazia's Nichola Sanders for being patient with us as we over came our gitteriness with the wild yet tame (oxymoron I know) animals!

P.P.S.  Bahrain is...: Al-Areen Wildlife Sanctuary because I've never seen such amazing animals before in my life (slight exaggeration here but it applies to Bahrain here peoples)!

P.P.P.S. Video Song of the Day: The latest #UniteBH video with a bunch of amazing, young Bahraini students living abroad across the entire globe (for the 2nd version click here).  My little sister is in the video too! She's the one that looks like me but with a darker (more exotic) complexion!

Watching the #UniteBH video made me go all Coldplay mushy so here's something for you to sing along to while you watch the video on top (don't turn the volume up too high though, you'll miss out on all the Bahraini lovin)

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