Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet Eiko Ishioka: Costume Designer Extrodinaire

Ok, have you guys seen the latest rendition of Snow White? Called Mirror, Mirror? The one starring Julia Roberts? I'm sure many of you have or maybe you completely shunned the idea of watching it. & if you've done the latter boy oh boy have you guys made a HUGE mistake! I know, it took me a while to convince Bahrainirants to come with me (but he likes the director, Tarsem Singh, & once he found that information out I had him hooked) & I swear to you neither one of us regretted it. The story line is cute, we all kinda know the story of Snow White plays out but this one had the twists & turns of a modern day love story with a ton of creativity & personality. What seriously made me fall HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this flick, to be honest, were the costumes. I kept bugging the hubby throughout the movie about how gorgeous they all were. Lavish, extravagant, detailed, beautiful & most importantly out of this world! It's been a while since I was seriously moved by a movie's outfits/costumes! I just HAD TO (& I mean HAD TO) find out more about the incredible person(s) who made them & what kind of life & background they had led to make such beautiful works of art. This is what I'm guessing what Haute Couture really was all about before the 21st century! All about the richness & the OTTness of the garment & believe you me, Mirror, Mirror delivered an Haute Couture show unlike no other (don't get me wrong I don't have every show memorised but I'm hoping something, somewhere, way back when looked close to these pieces). So, we walked back home & I went straight into google mode, I found out that the costume designer was Eiko Ishioka, a Japanese, award winning, costume maker who has left her mark on the big screen & who had tragically passed earlier this year (it was cancer! Find a cure already). So, naturally, I was heartbroken to have just found out about her & that this movie was her last but also SUPER glad because the outfits/costumes in this movie moved me beyond words. They are seriously pieces of art & I'm hoping a fashion oriented museum somewhere in the world (coughV&Acough) work on compiling a travelling show based on ALL her previous movie/stage work with an emphasis on this one (her final bow) because not only does she deserve it but I would seriously LOVE to see them all up close & personal (I'm seriously obsessed).
That's enough blabbering from me! I'll let these pieces speak for themselves & if you haven't gone to see it PLEASE DO! & if it's no longer showing in your local cinemas then wait for it to come out on DVD I swear to you, it'll inspire you to do something, anything. 

Eiko backstage working on Lilly Collins Dress

How BEAUTIFUL! Right???

I absolutely LOVED this cape

COME ON! Look at this! Work of art right?

I fell in love with every single outfit in this scene! Gorgeous!

The 7 adorable dwarfs had their own unique costumes too based on the personality of each of the actors

One of the hats from the ball scene that blew my mind

More hats that were creative & magical

How gorgeous is this?

the bright colors here were a departure compared to most of the movie where they were mostly muted in pastels & nudes

Every detail about this movie was thought out with extreme detail & precision

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xoxo for now ma PFFers,

P.S. I've been DYING to blog about this wonderful woman since last week! & I'm so happy I've finally done it! Wanna know more about Eiko Ishioka? Click here.  I've also decided to fix up my CV & apply for part time work somewhere doing personal styling! Wish me luck! & I'm wishing you ALL a great work week!
P.P.S. Performance of the Day: I'm not sure you guys know this but every Sunday, I wake up, have my breakfast & watch recorded reruns of the American Idol show's that I missed out on over the weekend. I don't know if you're as obsessed as I am but this year's group is BEYOND talented! I've got a bunch of my favourites still hanging in there! Who? Elise, Joshua, & Jessica are my top three! But seriously I'm loving them all! Anywho, so I'm watching this now & thought I'd share this performance by Jessica Sanchez! Can you believe she's just 16 years old? Her voice gives me goose bumps!!! She's pure magic!

P.P.P.S. Song of the Day: Hold Me by Cherub (thanks to Bahrainirants for constantly filling my life with AMAZING music! This song is exactly how I felt last week! I didn't wanna get out of bed! I think all my flying home & running around had finally caught up to me! This song is fabulous & reminds me of something I would've listened to on repeat when I was a wee teen!)

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